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Get a Satisfactory Braces Experience in Carnes Hill, Edensor Park or Edmonson Park!

At Attractive Orthodontics, we often hear from patients who were originally nervous or reluctant to get braces, but who are so happy with the end results that they are glad they did. ‘It was all worth it!’ or ‘I love my new smile!’ are two of the many ecstatic sentences that we hear frequently from braces patients in Carnes Hill or Edmondson Park. So while braces can be uncomfortable, can limit what you are allowed to eat and can result in a smile you don’t love for a few years, we always remind our patients to look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.

An Optimistic Business Model

That sense of positive thinking is something that we have always made a cornerstone of the services we offer here at Attractive Orthodontics. When we work with kids, we try to keep the orthodontic process fun and light-hearted; when it comes to older patients who are getting braces later than most of their peers—or who are getting braces put on for a second time—we share with them some of the many testimonials that our patients have provided over the years. If you are getting your braces done with us in Edensor Park or Carnes Hill, we want you to feel as optimistic as possible about the whole process.

At Attractive Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on simply being the most approachable provider of braces in Edmonson Park, Carnes Hill, Edensor Park or any other areas that are close to our two locations in Hinchinbrook and Wetherill Park. Our head orthodontist, Dr. Adrian Tan, is incredibly friendly and passionate about what he does—two qualities that put patients at ease when it comes to discussing their dental history or overall oral health.

In addition to just being a friendly and helpful person, Dr. Tan is also a very accomplished figure in the orthodontic community. In addition to convention wire braces, he is experienced in working with sequential clear aligners (such as Invisalign), as well as with procedures for dentofacial orthopaedics and restoration. If you have questions about your orthodontic care that go beyond braces, don’t go anywhere else in Edensor Park, Carnes Hill, or Edmondson Park looking for the answer. Make an appointment at Attractive Orthodontics today!

Our Testimonials from Braces Patients in Edmondson Park, Carnes Hill and Edensor Park

Need more reason to make Dr. Tan and Attractive Orthodontics your local orthodontic specialists? Consider the many, many patients we’ve had over the years who have praised our office for their fully satisfactory braces experiences. One patient got their braces off just 17 days before their wedding, and was thrilled to have a pristine smile ready for all the photographs and fun. Another patient went from being embarrassed to smile in photos, to getting almost constant compliments about their ‘straight white smile.’

There are so many more testimonials that we have heard at Attractive Orthodontics over the years. The point, though, is that we want you to be the next person to have the positive braces experience that we provide. Braces, when done right, can do more than straighten your teeth; they can also change your life. At Attractive Orthodontics, we always seek to have that kind of positive impact on our patients.

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