Clear Braces Wetherill Park

Attractive Orthodontics is Now Offering Clear Braces In Wetherill Park

We all remember those days when braces were something to be feared. Metal contraptions and wires that would make you feel like something out of a monster movie. Eating was difficult, and certain items like peanut butter and gum were out of the question. And who wants to spend hours cleaning gunk that has been sitting in our mouths since breakfast?

Attractive Orthodontics has excellent news for you. You don’t have to worry about unsightly rubber bands anymore, or having to repeat yourself several times when ordering coffee at a café. With our accredited professionals and the latest technology around, you can be rest assured that you’ll have the smile you’ve always dreamed of in no time at all.

For many patients, the answer is clear braces. Wetherill Park residents have found our practice to be an excellent solution to their needs. One of the greatest things about clear braces is that you can wear them on the front (known as ceramic braces) or the back (lingual). They’re completely invisible, and the only people who will know that you’re wearing them are you and your orthodontist.

The best thing about finally being fitted for braces is that it doesn’t take much time and is incredibly affordable. Plus, with our family oriented offices located in two different locations across Sydney that are available to you during traditional work hours, you can bring in the whole family. Come get your clear braces in Wetherill Park and leave with your brightest smile. Call us today at 02 9729 4788.