Care for your braces

  • Avoid hard food and reduce food sizes to bite size pieces. Large hard food can damage or break your braces
  • Avoid sugary and acidic food as much as possible. Rinse mouth out with water immediately after and wait 30 mins before brushing. Consider using Tooth friendly lollies (i.e. Wrigley’s Extra mints). Take care in using chewing gum.
  • Discomfort is common at the start of braces. That’s because the teeth are being woken up to start moving! So you may find it difficult to bite into things. The first few days will be different but persist!
  • Because it is new, you will tend to play with the braces. This often leads to sore spots. Relax and you will find that it’s so natural having them on.
  • We use space age technology wires that act differently in different temperatures. If they are a bit tight, you may suck on an ice cube. This will soften the wire and provide some relief. But once you have become use to it, you may also alternate with warm liquids, which tightens the wire. Doing this often will ‘jiggle’ the teeth to their right places