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How Gentle Dentistry Makes Attractive Orthodontics a Welcome Place in Wetherill Park with Dental Phobias

Many people don’t like going to the dentist or orthodontist. The reasons for this reluctance can vary from inconvenience (scheduling an appointment during the work/school week is too difficult) to dislike of the experience in general. However, for some patients, this general distaste for the dentist or orthodontist can ramp up to a genuine phobia. In fact, there is a scientifically defined phobia—’odontophobia’—that means ‘fear of the dentist.’

Again, there can be numerous reasons or causes behind the fears of someone with odontophobia. Some may have had particularly painful treatments from a former dentist or orthodontist. Fear of going through these painful experiences again can be reason enough for these patients to steer clear. Others might be afraid of needles, or wary of going under anaesthesia at all. Even though anaesthesia is required less these days for dental or orthodontic treatments, it can still contribute to the overall phobia.

Attractive Orthodontics: A Welcoming Environment for Those with Fears or Anxieties about Dental and Orthodontic Care

At Attractive Orthodontics, we want to provide a welcoming environment for any and all patients—including those who might have phobias or anxieties about going to the dentist. We are an orthodontic practice in Wetherill Park that observes the principles of ‘gentle dentistry.’ Gentle dentists and orthodontists are the people best equipped to help someone who has odontophobia because they can redefine the negative connotations that those patients connect to dentistry and orthodontia.

How do our gentle dentists in Wetherill Park make things easier for patients dealing with phobias or anxieties? We start by creating a welcoming environment. Our practice is open to patients of all ages and is extremely family friendly. Our entire staff—from our receptionists to our hygienists to our orthodontists—is caring and compassionate. Subverting odontophobia starts from the moment the patient walks in the door, so our work to create a gentle dentist practice in Wetherill Park starts there as well.

The next step is making the actual appointment more positive and comfortable. One of the root issues with odontophobia is that patients fear the worst about any treatments or procedures. At Attractive Orthodontics, our orthodontist—Dr Adrian Tan—is passionate about building relationships of trust and respect with his patients. He will walk you through any treatment plan, explain the different steps and allow you to ask any questions you may have.

Finally, our treatments themselves are based on the principles of gentle dentistry. Using the best technologies available, we have made our procedures as painless and comfortable as possible for our patients. Whether your appointment involves a simple check-up or an application of new braces, you will be surprised and relieved at how comfortable and easy the process is.

Enjoy the Benefits of Gentle Dentistry in Wetherill Park: Call Attractive Orthodontics to Schedule an Appointment

Perhaps you or someone you know has odontophobia. Maybe you aren’t afraid of the dentist or orthodontist, but still don’t necessarily love the idea of scheduling an appointment. At Attractive Orthodontics, you can rest assured that our team of gentle dentists in Wetherill Park will do everything they can to make your experience comfortable and free of both pain and stress.