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How do You Know if You Need a Dentist or an Orthodontist in Merrylands, Greystanes or Fairfield Heights?

In the modern world of soda and sugary treats, more people than ever find that they need work done on their teeth either to relieve pain or to make them look better. While both dentists and orthodontists work on teeth, the specific type of work that they do is so unique that they have to go to many different years of schooling, get different licensing and use all sorts of unique equipment. If you know that you need work on your teeth but aren’t sure which professional you should see, this guide should help you out. In general, a dentist deals with the overall health of your teeth and mouth, while an orthodontist works on your teeth’s alignment (including the jaw, bite, etc.).

What Does a Dentist do?

If you have a toothache or your teeth are overdue for a good deep cleaning, it’s time for a visit to the dentist. Dentists specialise in gum health, filling cavities (decay in your teeth caused by a build-up of plaque), extracting dead teeth, putting in crowns or bridges (fake teeth which fill holes in your mouth or cover up broken teeth), and things of that nature. Most dentist visits are for routine cleanings, which use things like fluoride and specialised toothpaste to clean the teeth better than ordinary brushing and flossing does. Some dentists are available for emergency care to deal with a really bad toothache.

What Does an Orthodontist do?

If you have crooked or overcrowded teeth, gaps in your smile, or an over/under bite, an orthodontist is the specialist that you’re going to want to see. Orthodontists work primarily with braces, which are typically a series of wires that straighten the teeth and your smile as a whole. Advancements in orthodontic technology have made invisible braces very popular. Some types of invisible braces don’t use wires at all, but instead use 3D moulded technology to create clear braces that fit right over the top of your teeth.

The Advantages of Seeing Both a Dentist and Orthodontist in Fairfield Heights, Merrylands and Surrounding Areas

Instead of waiting until you need a dentist, it’s smart to stay ahead of the curve and attend regular check-ups and cleanings to ensure that your teeth stay healthy. If you need the help of an orthodontist, get it immediately and make sure that you don’t miss any appointments. Even if you get braces and have them taken off in a few years, it’s imperative that you continue to speak with your orthodontist to ensure that your new smile stays perfect.

The Best Orthodontist in Greystanes, Fairfield Heights and Merrylands

Attractive Orthodontics is a leading local orthodontist. With invisible braces available and a variety of flexible payment options available, we make it easy and comfortable to get the smile you’ve always wanted. We’d love to help you out, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.