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Looking for an Orthodontist in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook, or Liverpool? Attractive Orthodontics Provides Premier Services!

A misaligned jaw promises more than a crooked smile. It can also lead to a painful bite, with teeth grinding unnaturally together. This perpetual friction causes a bevy of problems – such as weakened enamel, exposed dentin, chips, fractures, and more. Individuals find themselves fighting a seemingly impossible battle.

Attractive Orthodontics can win the dental war, however. We serve as the leading orthodontists in Green Valley, orthodontists in Hinchinbrook, and orthodontists in Liverpool. Through our superior services we help patients improve both their teeth and their quality of life.

Attractive Orthodontics: About Us

Since 2008, Attractive Orthodontics has offered comprehensive dental services to the southwest Sydney area. Our team, lead by Dr. Adrian Tan, a member of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh), the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, and the Australian Society of Orthodontists, promises sterling support and comprehensive care. We provide the latest technological options for all dental needs.

We also offer extensive experience in surgery, braces, jaw alignments, and other severe issues. As the leading orthodontists in Green Valley, Liverpool, and beyond we can ensure that our patients receive superior care.

What is an Orthodontist?

Too often do orthodontists in Hinchinbrook and Green Valley find themselves labelled incorrectly. Patients call them dentists, assuming the titles are interchangeable. They’re not. Instead orthodontics is a specific – and highly specialised – field, separated from dentistry by years of schooling and training.

Dentists, simply explained, focus on general hygiene (such as teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, bridge and crown creation, and root canals). Orthodontists, comparatively, dedicate themselves to alignment issues. This includes jaw fractures, underbite and overbite corrections, or even surgery. They diagnose and correct severe dental problems.

Why Should Patients Choose an Orthodontist?

Many patients hesitate to consult orthodontists in Liverpool, Hinchinbrook, and beyond. They assume that dentists will instead be able to address their alignment problems. However, the truth, is that this field offers two distinct advantages of traditional dentistry.

Education – All orthodontists in Green Valley and beyond have to fulfil several educational requirements. These include completing at least five years of a full-time Bachelor of Dentistry program, completing a minimum of two years as a practising dentist, and completing a 3-year full-time Orthodontics program at an accredited university.

Speciality Unlike dentists, orthodontists in Hinchinbrook, Liverpool, and other Sydney suburbs are dedicated to one field – alignment correction. This ensures that patients receive only the best care. It also guarantees access to the latest surgical technologies, as well as superior dental products (such as Invisalign braces, lingual braces, and more).

Through extensive education and speciality orthodontists offer superior results.

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Attractive Orthodontics has one goal: to provide our patients with exceptional service and support. To achieve this we dedicate ourselves solely to the practice of orthodontics, and we strive to provide the best alignment solutions possible. To learn more about our practice – as well as to schedule a consultation – contact us today!