Suresmile Wetherill Park

Technology can give you the Best Smile Possible with Suresmile in Wetherill Park

Technological advances are occurring every day, and keeping up with them can be a challenge. Advanced treatments take time and money to implement, and your Orthodontist should have the tools and knowledge to give you the best treatments the market has to offer. One of the newest is the Suresmile system of placing braces. If you have heard of Invisalign, this is not a replacement of that system.

Invisalign uses clear trays to move your teeth. Suresmile uses 3D casts of your bite made by your orthodontist, which are then input into a computer. Using that computer image, the orthodontist can fabricate the perfect bracket and wire placement to give you the best smile possible in the shortest timeframe possible. Attractive Orthodontics has Suresmile in Wetherill Park, and can offer a consultation to determine that this is the right procedure for you.

Because Suresmile braces are created only for your mouth, they are a fast and safe option for anyone wanting a model’s winning smile. When you think of braces, you may have an image of metal brackets on your teeth and wires connecting them, but this does not have to be the case. Suresmile alignment doesn’t have to be visible, as they can be applied to the inside of your teeth.

Modern braces have come a long way, and technology continues to offer advancements that assure your smile brings you confidence for years to come. Of course, other practically invisible options are available and discussing these with an orthodontist is the first best step in the right direction. Getting Suresmile in Wetherill Park is just a phone call away.