Lingual Braces Treatments

Braces do not need to be visible do they now? I am too old to have braces showing!

Now there is a choice! The truly “invisible” braces are now available. Lingual orthodontics provide the advantages of conventional braces, including optimal control, placed where no one else sees it…. behind the teeth!

With advances in technology, these custom-made braces or wires are attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth, instead of the front. Lingual braces are 100% customised to follow the individual contours of your teeth, ensuring they are as comfortable and effective as possible. Lingual orthodontics now provides the ability to move teeth without anyone else seeing it. So you can smile and have braces! But not everyone does it! Not even every specialist orthodontist!

Whether you’re considering traditional braces or an alternative to braces, only an orthodontist has the training, experience and expert knowledge to be able to offer you the full suite of treatment options and give you and your child the confidence that you’re in the best hands.

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