Orthodontic Treatments

There are so many new options now available to treat orthodontic problems, it is no wonder you and every other parent might be feeling a little overwhelmed! There are a number of common treatments used by Our Orthodontists for patients of all ages. Talk to our Orthodontists about the pros and cons of each and whats the best option for you!

Conventional Treatments

  1. Metallic and Ceramic braces – the traditional form of braces
  2. Orthopaedic (jaw) appliances – designed to aid correction of jaw discrepancies

Customised treatments

  1. Suresmile Technology – Customisable orthodontics with the use of 3D imaging and advanced robotics to improve the quality of your result in a more efficient time frame
  2. Clear aligner technology (invisalign) – orthodontic treatment without braces!
  3. Lingual Braces (Braces on the inside)- the most truly “invisible” braces available!



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