Braces Green Valley

Attractive Orthodontics Offers Most Variety of Technology in Braces in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook and Liverpool.

Misaligned, crooked teeth damage the appearance and the health of a patient’s smile. Why suffer the pain of orthodontic problems when the solution is minutes away at Attractive Orthodontics? Serving patients in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook, and Liverpool, Attractive Orthodontics offers the latest technology in braces and orthodontic procedures. Dr. Adrian Tan is accredited to use the latest technologies, including Invisalign braces, Suresmile braces, lingual braces, Damon braces, Damon clear braces, Damon system braces, clear braces, retainers and jaw surgery to fix any orthodontic problems that his patients face. Patients today can have their smiles straightened without the abrasive, painful metal and bands of the past covering their teeth for months. Today’s technology allows Dr. Tan to fix our patients’ teeth, regardless of their age, using a variety of options, to best fit their needs.

Comfortable New Options for Braces

Too often when patients think about braces and orthodontic care, the horror stories of metal attachments, tight bands or bars cutting into lips and gums and months of painful treatment, come to mind. But today, these treatments are a thing of the past. Attractive Orthodontics focuses not only on making patients’ smiles beautiful after braces and treatments, but also on patient comfort, ease of care and convenience. Dr. Tan meets with each of his patients and discusses all of their options with them before deciding on the plan for treatment.

With his expertise as an Australian Registered Dental Specialist, Dr. Tan is trained and experienced in all of the latest technology available for orthodontic care. With options like Invisalign braces, which use a series of clear, sequential aligners to straighten teeth and lingual (3M Incognito) braces, which use custom-designed braces attached to the backs of teeth, no one will even notice that patients are even wearing braces. Not every dentist offers lingual braces, even many specialist dentists do not yet have this option available.

Dr. Tan also offers Damon braces, which are a form of nearly invisible ceramic braces, and include options such as the Damon clear braces, which have only recently become available in Australia, and offer the clearest, most invisible option for braces available today. Damon system braces also allow for self-ligation. Dr. Tan is experienced in using Suresmile braces, clear braces, retainers and jaw surgery as well. These options allow patients to have choices for their orthodontic treatment.

Attractive Orthodontics Works to Insure a Convenient, Family-Friendly, Environment for Our Patients with Braces in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook, and Liverpool. In addition to offering the latest technology and orthodontic treatments, Attractive Orthodontics also aims to make their practice convenient for their patients, offering weekday and Saturday hours, flexible, affordable payment plans, and easy, accessible parking. The practice has two centrally located offices in South West Sydney, so whether patients needing braces live in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook, or Liverpool, Attractive Orthodontics have a location that is accessible for their families. Dr. Tan is passionate about providing his patients with the latest technology and options available to fit their needs. Attractive Orthodontics provides patients with care at every stage of their treatment plan. Patients of all ages are welcome and the practice strives to make every patient feel comfortable and cared for while working towards their new, beautiful smile.