Suresmile Treatments Western Sydney

Suresmile – Revolutionising braces!

Not everyone’s teeth are the same so how can we use the same braces on everyone? Suresmile is a revolution in orthodontics, allowing customisation of orthodontic treatments to give you the unique smile your deserve!

Using 3D imaging via X-rays and/or 3D intra-oral scanning, our Orthodontists are able to use advanced robotics to achieve the best possible result. Using this technology allows our Orthodontists to see your teeth, bone and gums in 3D and to plan the most suitable treatments. With advanced simulations, our Orthodontists have full control to develop customised and individualised robotically bent wires with unprecedented levels of accuracy. We can achieve the best possible result with our braces – both with conventional metallic or ceramic braces as well as “invisible” lingual braces.

Whether you’re considering traditional braces or an alternative to braces, only an orthodontist has the training, experience and expert knowledge to be able to offer you the full suite of treatment options and give you and your child the confidence that you’re in the best hands.

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