Clear Braces Bossley Park

Attractive Orthodontics Offers the Latest Technology in Clear Braces, in Bossley Park, Cabramatta and Fairfield.

Adults may feel stuck with crooked teeth and feel like they have no options for fixing their orthodontic problems. The thought of having braces covering their teeth may be embarrassing or may feel unprofessional. However, at Attractive Orthodontics, there are options for all ages, including many different options for clear braces, Invisalign braces, Incognito braces and Damon braces, all of which offer patients treatment for a beautiful smile, without being invasive on their appearance. Patients can have these treatments from an Australian registered specialist dentist, right in their community. Dr. Adrian Tan offers the latest technologies for clear braces in his practice, conveniently located for residents of Bossley Park, Cabramatta, and Fairfield.

Damon Clear Braces Are Available Now.

Attractive Orthodontics knows that a beautiful smile is important to our patients and that they may not feel comfortable having metal and tight bands on their teeth for months at a time. That is why the new options in clear braces are so revolutionary. Clear braces are ceramic braces that can be applied either to the fronts of the teeth, or as lingual braces, on the backs of the teeth. These clear braces do not have to be obvious, and are wonderful choices for adults. Without even leaving their communities, patients in Bossley Park, Cabramatta, and Fairfield can receive these new advances in clear braces from an experienced and caring specialist dentist. Advances in orthodontic technology have now developed even clearer, more aesthetic brackets for patients.

Ormco’s ICE bracket is the clearest option on the market and is nearly invisible on patients’ teeth. But Dr. Tan is proud to be able to offer the latest update to the ICE bracket. This update is not able to discolour as easily as other tooth coloured and clear ceramic brackets did. Damon Clear technology is newly available in Australia, and offers both the clearest brackets and the advantages of self-ligation. Very few dentists are accredited to use the new Damon Clear system of brackets, even many registered specialist dentists do not yet have this option in their practice. But Attractive Orthodontics is accredited and experienced using the entire Damon system, to provide patients with the best clear braces available.

Attractive Orthodontics’ Offers Families Convenient and Reliable Care for Bossley Park, Cabramatta and Fairfield Communities

Attractive Orthodontics has been proud to be providing beautiful smiles to patients since 2008. Dr. Tan’s team is compassionate and dedicated to giving patients the care they need in a comfortable and convenient environment. The family orientated practice offers treatment options for all ages, and has convenient weekday and Saturday appointments available. Parking for both offices is easy to utilize and Attractive Orthodontics offers flexible, affordable payment options. Two conveniently located offices both offer clear braces, Invisalign, Suresmile, Lingual Braces, Damon Braces, jaw surgery and retainers, so that all patients have the choices that are best for them. Patients in Bossley Park, Cabramatta, and Fairfield can now get the best orthodontic technology available for clear braces and more, right in their communities.