Gentle Dental Care Fairfield

Get the Smile You Want without the Pain or Discomfort: Call Attractive Orthodontics for Gentle Dental and Orthodontic Care in Fairfield

At Attractive Orthodontics, we work with all kinds of patients, from kids to high-school students to college-aged adults to parents. While orthodontic treatments are most commonly implemented during the teen years, there is no one ‘right’ way to do it. The core goal of orthodontic care—the alignment of the teeth and jaw—is something that is important for any patient, regardless of age.

However, while we like to stress the fact that there is no one ‘braces age,’ there is certainly a stereotype on that subject. Many of our patients confide in us before treatment that, as self-conscious as they are about crooked teeth, they are equally self-conscious about getting braces. This trend is especially prevalent among adults who need braces. They see braces as an ‘adolescent’ thing and worry that having braces will hurt their self-confidence among people they work with, or even among family or close friends.

How a Gentle Dental Care Practice in Fairfield Can Help

At Attractive Orthodontics, we practice gentle dental in Fairfield, which means that patient comfort is a top priority for us. In part, gentle dentistry is about making the actual treatments of dentistry and orthodontics as pain-free as possible. Sometimes, appointments with the dentist or orthodontist can leave your gums, teeth or mouth feeling numb or sore for hours. Gentle dentistry is about eliminating all or most of that pain with more compassionate and patient-friendly procedures.

However, at Attractive Orthodontics, we also wanted our Fairfield office to extend gentle dental care principles to the rest of our treatment model as well. For instance, if you are feeling self-conscious about your smile or about getting braces, we want to help eliminate those concerns. Orthodontic care is all about creating beautiful smiles and instilling new levels of confidence and positive self-image in patients.

If you are concerned that braces will temporarily make you feel less confident or outgoing, though, then we can look at options for less visually ‘obvious’ braces. Attractive Orthodontics is and has always kept up with the latest technologies in the dental and orthodontics industries. As such, we can offer you the most recent forms of Invisalign or clear braces, if you would prefer to avoid having wires and visible metal braces in your mouth.

Get the Personal and Personalised Treatment You Deserve at Attractive Orthodontics

As you can see, at Attractive Orthodontics, we mostly see the gentle dentistry pledge as a commitment to make our patients and comfortable and worry free as possible. From making our treatments as painless as possible to offering personalised treatments based on your wants and needs, we do everything we can to give you the orthodontic service that you deserve.

If you are interested in learning more about Attractive Orthodontics and what we can do to make your experience with orthodontics easier, just give us a call on (503) 433-3737. One of our associates will be able to help you schedule an appointment with our lead orthodontist, Dr Adrian Tan.