Gentle Dental Care Wetherill Park

What Is Gentle Dental Care? (And Where Can You Find a Gentle Dental Practice in Wetherill Park?)

In the past few years, you may have heard a crescendo of buzz for terms like ‘gentle dental care,’ or ‘gentle dental.’ From Wetherill Park to other cities and communities throughout Australia and even around the world, the emphasis on gentle dental care is growing steadily and firmly. But what does ‘gentle dentistry’ actually mean, and why should you consider it for yourself or your family?

Understanding the Concept of ‘Gentle Dentistry.’

Essentially, gentle dentistry is all about making the patient comfortable and treating them in the most pain-free manner possible. Dental care and orthodontic care are fields often associated with pain for the patient. From sore gums to uncomfortable braces, there are unpleasant side effects of visits to the dentist or orthodontist that patients just loathe. These painful or uncomfortable side effects can even push some patients to steer clear of the dentist or orthodontist for longer than they should.

At Attractive Orthodontics, we practice gentle dental in Wetherill Park, and we do it because we want our patients to have a better experience when they come in to see us. The last thing we want is for patients to have such a negative experience in our offices that they consciously forego return visits. Of course, no dentist or orthodontist would want his or her patients to have unpleasant experiences of that magnitude. However, between long wait times, hygienists who are not gentle or compassionate, and treatments that are painful or uncomfortable, many dental and orthodontic offices may be unintentionally alienating their patients.

With that in mind, we have strived to create a more comfortable and patient-friendly environment at Attractive Orthodontics. For our practice in Wetherill Park, gentle dental care has been a big part of that commitment. By encouraging our staff to be gentler—as well as more compassionate and caring—we have created an environment where patients feel truly valued and looked after. Add the comfortable nature of our offices and the fact that we use the latest technologies for all our check-ups and treatments, and a trip to Attractive Orthodontics isn’t painful at all.

Visit Attractive Orthodontics Today to See our Gentle Dental Care Commitment on Display in Wetherill Park

Are you interested in learning more about Attractive Orthodontics and our commitment to gentle dental? Visit our practice in Wetherill Park. See our hygienists at work, or consult with Dr Adrian Tan about your orthodontic care. We believe that you will notice a difference right away between our practice and other orthodontists or dentists you may have visited in the past.

To put it simply, gentle dentistry and overall patient comfort are the future of both medicine and dental care. Our goal is to be at or near the forefront of the trend, and we hope you will join us along the way. If you are interested in making an appointment at Attractive Orthodontics, just give us a call on (503) 433-3737.