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How We Pursue Gentle Dentistry at Liverpool’s Attractive Orthodontics

The term ‘gentle dentist’ as become a popular buzzword in the dental and orthodontic industries over the past four or five years. In a competitive market, dentists and orthodontics have to distinguish themselves from the crowd in new and innovative ways. Perhaps one of the most popular ways of doing this is claiming a commitment to gentle dental care. By making the customer experience more comfortable and less painful, dental care practitioners can gain traction in ways their competitors might not be able to.

The force behind this trend—and why Attractive Orthodontics has made it a priority to be gentle dentists in Liverpool—is that patients are no longer looking just at credentials, experience, location or convenience when choosing their dental care specialists. Yes, these elements of the conversation remain relevant. However, patients also want to have a better experience, and going to a self-described ‘gentle dentist’ in Liverpool is one way to achieve this aim.

Achieving the ‘Gentle Dentist’ Commitment in Liverpool

At Attractive Orthodontics, we have been operating in the Liverpool area since 2008. Recently, we have been pushing our gentle dentistry angle with the goal of giving our patients more comfortable, productive and satisfactory orthodontic services. Here is how we stay true to our gentle dentistry commitment.

  • The Latest Technologies: We believe that the key to providing more comfortable orthodontic care is in the latest technologies and treatments available in the industry. As such, we are always pursuing, testing and implementing the most cutting-edge technologies at our practice. From 3D modelling systems to Invisalign and other ‘incognito’ braces, our high-tech treatments are faster than what was available 20 or even ten years ago. They are also more comfortable and less painful for patients, leading to a better and gentler customer experience across the board.
  • A Friendly Environment: Sometimes, a ‘fear’ of going to the dentist or orthodontist has little to do with the actual treatments and more to do with the environment itself. An orthodontic practice where the schedule is always running behind and where the doctors and hygienists don’t seem concerned about building positive doctor-patient relationships can feel like a very unwelcoming place. At Attractive Orthodontics, we aim for the exact opposite. We want you to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible from the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave. Our staff members are kind and compassionate, and Dr Adrian Tan, our orthodontist, is dedicated to forging long-lasting relationships with patients and families.
  • Services for All Ages: The search in Liverpool for a gentle dentist or gentle orthodontist can be difficult if you are an adult and are getting back to dental care after too many years of not having a check-up. At Attractive Orthodontics, part of ‘gentle dentistry’ for us is making everyone feel welcome, which is why we offer options for all ages.

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