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Let Your Smile Shine with Liverpool Orthodontists at Attractive Orthodontics

A beautiful smile speaks a thousand words. However, all too often, our teeth need a bit of help to get in line and make that happen the way it should. You put in the work of brushing and flossing, and Attractive Orthodontics is here to do the heavy lifting. We have ten years of experience providing beautiful smiles and are a family-oriented orthodontist for Liverpool. We invite you to view our services; we take care of the whole family, whether children or adults.

With Attractive Orthodontics, getting high quality orthodontics in Liverpool is child’s play

We incorporate the latest technology and most considerate service to ensure that your family receives the treatment they deserve. Secondary school is the perfect time to bring your child to the orthodontist. By that point, their adult teeth have come in, and after a regular course, their crooked teeth will be set straight for life.

While that’s the perfect time for straight teeth, it’s not necessarily the ideal time to have braces. School being what it is, many kids are anxious about braces and are resistant to them being visible. Front-mounted braces are the often most effective option, but they are not the only solution. We also provide lingual braces which tuck neatly on the inside of the teeth. This reduces visibility but still allows them to work effectively.

Another option is the Damon system, premium braces that minimise appearance while maximising effectiveness. Clinical studies have shown that Damon braces can straighten teeth up to six months faster than conventional braces. Damon clear braces are truly on the cutting edge of modern orthodontics. Liverpool parents can take advantage of this elegant and effective solution for their children! Our three locations are convenient to get to from Liverpool and other Sydney suburbs, so it’s easy to plan visits around your busy schedule.

Select from a variety of subtle and reliable options to beautify your smile

Having an attractive smile is about more than just looking good. Self-image has a significant impact on confidence, and your smile is a big part of that. A good orthodontist can help tremendously with that, and Attractive Orthodontics has the experience to guide you in the right direction. Even if you didn’t get braces when you were in school or refused to do so, it’s not too late. Many adults seek out a capable orthodontist to help set things straight. If you are in a setting that prohibits having visible braces, there are numerous options available that will work for you, including Invisalign, Damon clear braces, Suresmile, and Lingual braces.

We are also able to accommodate you if finances are a concern. Whether taking care of your family or trying to pay off student loans, our flexible payment plans let you get the care you need now and pay as you are able. Anyone can have proper and comprehensive orthodontics without it being invasive on their appearance – or budget. Meet our experienced and accredited orthodontics team here, or contact us today to schedule your visit.