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Put Your Trust in the Experienced Orthodontics Care Professional at Attractive Orthodontics in Hinchinbrook & Green Valley!

Looking for a young, skilled, passionate and thoroughly educated orthodontics professional to work with in Hinchinbrook or Green Valley? Look no further that Attractive Orthodontics, where our very own Dr. Adrian Tan works to forge a personal, family-like bond with every patient who walks through our doors. No matter what kind of orthodontic care you are looking for-be it for a child or an adult, using standard braces or Invisalign-Dr. Tan has the experience, skill and accreditation necessary to provide it.

Education and Accreditation

When it comes to finding the right choice for orthodontics in Green Valley or Hinchinbrook, education and accreditation are both important factors to consider. After all, orthodontia is a complex and difficult field, requiring years of study and experience before a doctor can begin practicing independently. It is important, therefore, to find an orthodontist-whether for your child or for yourself-who has gone through all of those steps, and who you can trust completely.

Dr. Adrian Tan of Attractive Orthodontics is all of those things and more. With a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Masters in Dental Science (with a specialty in Orthodontics) from the University of Sydney, he has the necessary education. He has also worked professionally as both a dentist and an orthodontist, has experience in both private practice and oral health clinic work and has even taught dentistry and orthodontia to the next generation of dental industry professionals.

Dr. Tan’s list of certifications and accreditations is also quite lengthy, and makes him one of the most distinguished orthodontic experts in all of Australia. From nationwide accreditations and memberships (the Australian Society of Implant Dentistry, the Australian Society of Orthodontists) to accreditations for specific technologies and specialised treatments (Invisalign, Incognito, etc.), Dr. Tan’s abilities and credentials perfectly balance the accepted traditions of the orthodontic industry with the more cutting edge innovations of the field.

Versatile Orthodontics in Green Valley or Hinchinbrook

What does all of that educational and certification mumbo jumbo mean for you as the patient? First of all, it means that Dr. Adrian Tan has hit every benchmark in his dental and orthodontic training, and deserves both your trust and your respect. Secondly, it means that Dr. Tan is among the most versatile orthodontists in the field right now. From standard braces to invisible aligners, from children to adults, from crooked teeth to misaligned jaws, there is no type of orthodontic care that we cannot provide at Attractive Orthodontics.

So reach out to us today, and let us know how Dr. Tan’s expertise can help you towards a better life and a more beautiful smile. Head to our website, at attractiveorthodontics.com.au to learn more about the various procedures we offer, or to read a few FAQ sections about what you might expect from beginning orthodontic care. If you are ready to make an appointment, you can do that online as well. Just head to our Contact Us page and drop us an enquiry in the communication box provided. One of our specialists will be in touch with you right away, and we will get you on the schedule for an appointment as soon as we are able.