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Achieving a perfect smile was once a not-so-perfect process. Individuals were forced to suffer through harsh wires and tight bands, with their teeth trapped for years in unsightly metal cages. The results were guaranteed but painful. Times have thankfully changed, and those searching for an orthodontist in Bossley Park, an orthodontist in Cabramatta, or an orthodontist in Fairfield will discover easy alternatives to dental care. Metal braces have been vastly improved (they now feature lighter brackets and self-ligation designs), and Invisalign options are also available.

Attractive Orthodontics: About Us

Since 2008 Attractive Orthodontics has been serving as the premier orthodontists for Bossley Park, Cabramatta, and the rest of southwest Sydney. Its practice, which is conveniently divided among Hinchinbrook and Wetherill Park, addresses all alignment needs, providing customers with straight teeth. Its dedicated team utilises only the best (and latest) technologies, and it promotes only the highest standard of quality. It also offers Invisalign services, helping patients throughout Australia achieve striking smiles. Attractive Orthodontics is fully accredited and delivers custom results.

What are Invisalign Braces?

Those seeking orthodontists in Fairfield, Cabramatta, and beyond may find themselves dreading the experience. Braces, they fear, will wreak havoc on their social lives, forcing them to endure awkward metal bands. Attractive Orthodontics promises a far simpler experience, however – we recommend Invisalign.

Invisalign braces, as any orthodontist in Cabramatta would explain, are custom-made plastic aligners. They slide easily over teeth, applying a gentle pressure that steadily corrects common dental issues including overbites, underbites, crowding, gaping, and malocclusions. They’re intended for everyday wear but can removed as needed (such as during brushing or while eating). Each liner is clear and almost impossible to detect.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign Braces?

All accredited orthodontists in Bossley Park sing the praises of Invisalign braces – and Attractive Orthodontics is no exception. We’re proud to offer our patients this service, understanding that its benefits are many.

Precision – Invisalign braces are crafted using 3D CAM technology. Each liner is custom-designed and molds perfectly to the patient’s mouth. This ensures that all teeth are carefully – and precisely – straightened.

Comfort – Invisalign braces are composed of soft, BPA-free plastic. This promises greater comfort for patients and eliminates concerns of bleeding or scarring (metal wires may harm the gumline, cheeks, or tongue).

Proof of Progression – As teeth begin to straighten new Invisalign trays will be created, allowing patients to see the progression of their treatments. Each stage reveals a more beautiful smile. Through these advantages Invisalign braces are ideal for individuals of all ages and all dental issues.

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The perfect smile no longer proves elusive. It can instead be achieved through Invisalign braces and the tireless efforts of Attractive Orthodontics. We strive to provide our patients with superior service and breathtaking results. When seeking an orthodontist in Fairfield, Cabramatta, or other Sydney suburbs contact us. We’ll be happy to schedule an Invisalign consultation, detail our flexible payment plans, and more.