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All smiles are not created equal. Some are defined by crooked teeth and misaligned jaws. Others feature gapped spaces and overbites. It’s a rare phenomenon for all teeth to sit in straight, perfect rows – and a rarer one still for individuals to not seek out dental help. This is why Attractive Orthodontics is proud to serve the southwest Sydney area, offering patients access to exceptional care and SureSmile technology. Looking for SureSmile providers in Bossley Park, SureSmile providers in Cabramatta, or SureSmile providers in Fairfield? Contact Attractive Orthodontics today!

Attractive Orthodontics: About Us

In 2008 Attractive Orthodontics arrived in the Sydney suburbs. Since then we’ve provided our patients with specialised support, offering a variety of alignment services and surgical options. We boast access to the latest product innovations and technologies, and we’re accredited with Australian Dental Board. This allows us to confidently offer SureSmile services to Fairfield, Cabramatta, and beyond. Patients considering this process should contact us for personalised consultations.

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile – a proprietary system developed by OraMetrix – delivers custom results to patients. It begins as a comprehensive 3D scan, allowing technicians to achieve a full dental rendering of each patient. Once the scan is complete the program will then identify which oral treatments should be implemented: frontal arch-wires, aligners, or lingual braces. The products will then be created by robotic moulding systems.

Why Choose SureSmile Services in Cabramatta and Beyond?

When considering SureSmile services in Bossley Park, Fairfield, and other Sydney suburbs patients will discover a variety of advantages, including:

Precisio – SureSmile is a data-driven process. Its initial scans and robotic craftsmanship ensure a precise fit, with all liners and braces carved to .1-mm accuracy.

Speed – SureSmile is more effective than traditional braces, accelerating the straightening process by up to 40%. This is due to its unique bracket shaping, which closely follows the natural curve of the mouth.

Fewer Visits – Those seeking SureSmile services in Fairfield or Bossley Park will enjoy fewer visits to their orthodontists. This procedure – which achieves results in half the time of other braces – requires little monitoring. This is due to the 3D-printed shape, which has none of the expected complications (such as bleeding gums or scabbed tongues, as sometimes caused by harsh metal wires).

With these advantages SureSmile patients in Cabramatta can experience fast and efficient results.

Schedule a Consultation With Attractive Orthodontics

Curious about the SureSmile process? Schedule a consultation! The Attractive Orthodontics staff is happy to explain the procedure, as well as assess each patient’s eligibility for it (some individuals may instead benefit from other dental methods, such as Invisalign braces or ceramic braces).

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Attractive Orthodontics believes in superior care. This is why we offer SureSmile services to southwest Sydney. To learn more about this process – as well our other treatments, payment plans, and more – contact us today!