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Looking for SureSmile Providers in Green Valley, Hinchinbrook, or Liverpool? Attractive Orthodontics Offers Superior Service and Support.

Every patient is different. Every patient’s dental treatment should, therefore, also be different. There are endless alignment issues, from overbites to malocclusions and fractured jaws to crowded spacing. Each poses unique challenges to orthodontists, requiring custom care and service.

Attractive Orthodontists is proud to offer both. We serve as the leading SureSmile providers in Green Valley, SureSmile providers in Hinchinbrook, and SureSmile providers in Liverpool.

Attractive Orthodontics: About Us

Established in 2008, Attractive Orthodontics has quickly become the premier SureSmile specialist in Green Valley, Liverpool, and beyond. Our team, led by noted doctor Adrian Tan, is dedicated to providing each patient with superior treatments and innovative technologies. We also offer convenience, with our practice divided between Hinchinbrook and Wetherill Park. This ensures that our SureSmile patients can quickly reach us, expediting every treatment even further.

How Does SureSmile Work?

Those seeking SureSmile services in Hinchinbrook, Green Valley, or other Sydney suburbs may expect the process to be difficult, but Attractive Orthodontics promises an efficient service. This procedure utilises 3D mapping technology, which seamlessly scans every patient’s mouth, teeth, and gum-line to assess all potential dental problems. These problems are compiled into an algorithm, which then creates a variety of treatment options to be considered.

These options are presented to the patient by SureSmile orthodontists in Liverpool or Green Valley, with their steps carefully explained. A custom plan is then set, with arch-braces, lingual braces, or aligners ordered to spec. Machines craft all products to ensure a precise fit and more effective straightening.

Why are SureSmile’s Custom Scans so Important?

As any SureSmile provider in Hinchinbrook, Liverpool, or Green Valley would explain: all patients have unique needs. These needs must be addressed with the utmost care, which is why custom scans reign supreme within the dental world.

These scans comprehensively examine every oral crevice, identifying all possible problems (such as upper occlusal crowding or poor root positioning). They allow patients to better understand their treatment options and they also ensure that all braces and aligners are carefully made, reflecting individual oral formations. This spares patients the horror of too-tight bands or ill-fitting trays. All dental products are instead tailored, providing flawless fits and everyday ease.

Attractive Orthodontics: Our Other Services

Attractive Orthodontics offers exceptional SureSmile services to Liverpool, Hinchinbrook, and beyond. We must stress, however, that this procedure is not always best for patients. This is why we offer a variety of alternatives for those who are not eligible, including Invisalign braces, Damon braces, retainers, and surgery. We’ll create personalised plans to ensure the strongest results.

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Attractive Orthodontics is dedicated to sterling service and individualised support, which is why we rank among the leading SureSmile providers in Sydney. To learn more about this procedure contact us today! Our team will be happy to offer procedural advice, explain payment plans, and more.